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Robert Ince

As far back as he can remember, Robert has been mimicking and impersonating all those he has come into contact with. From commanding the room with impressions of school teachers and work colleagues, to side splitting takes of well know television personalities; it was clear that Robert Ince had a natural talent to show the world.

With his passion for taking on other characters and personalities, he naturally gravitated to the idea of becoming an actor, and quickly landed a minor role in a documentary for the National Geographic. It was in this role as a U.S. Airman that he quickly fooled his American co-stars into believing he too was from the United States.  With such adept and versatile voice skills, he has also been able to pursue work as a voice over artist, showcasing a range of dialects and nationalities – not to mention entirely original characters that he has conjured from the depths of his imagination.

With an eagerness to perfect his craft as a performer, Robert enrolled onto a one-year Method Acting course, which concluded in a showcase teeming with professional actors and Casting Agents. To headline the night was of tremendous significance to him, and he was humbled to have been approached by many that thought ‘the best had certainly been saved till last.’

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