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About Us

MCS Keith BishopSoho, London, is certainly one of the most colourful, entertaining and character-packed areas of the capital. The team at Media Celebrity Services Ltd prove no exception!…

Keith Bishop C.E.O.
The Bishop of Soho!

Known affectionately as “The Bishop of Soho”, Mr Keith Bishop is a familiar sight around the area and is well known to the local tradesmen. With offices at 48 Dean Street, the heart of Soho and the West End, Keith operates an established entertainment and PR agency. As Keith explains “Without boring you with a long list of names, we can honestly cater for just about any demand made in the PR and entertainment business.”

Over the years, the Bishop's attracted an array of high profile clients from the likes of Christine and Neil Hamilton to actors Todd Carty, Bobby Davro and the lovely Linda Lusardi. What’s more, astrologer Russell Grant, presenter Gary Bushall and American Giant Jeff Rudom bring something entirely unique to the agency! What's more, Keith’s background enables him to pursue a highly successful career within Public Relations with clients ranging from the best cosmetic dentist in Britain to top celebrity hairstylists to premier league football clubs!

Keith was once very much an establishment figure at the BBC. Keith: “Yes, I was a pillar of the establishment……although some would say Pillock! I spent most of my time organising promotions and events and “fixing” things that had either gone wrong or were about to do so! I was a sort of Baldrick to the BBC’s Senior Management and, on a good day, a bag carrier to the Director General”! It was during his time at the BBC that Keith became friendly with a wide range of performers. At the same time, largely thanks to his working role, he built firm and lasting contacts with almost every part of the British media from tabloid daily newspapers to high quality prestige magazines.
MCS Keith BishopAfter a hugely successful 15-year career at the BBC, leaving the “protected species” atmosphere was a major change but was one Keith felt necessary to fulfil his own ambitions.

Keith: “I’d long fancied running my own business and I felt I could use the experience I had gained at the BBC, together with the valuable media and entertainment contacts I had made.

Clearly any business I started had to be something to do with the entertainment industry and, at the same time, it seemed logical to involve the media – TV, radio, newspapers and magazines. This all added up to being an agent and running a PR business. The two go together very well. Our PR clients enjoy the buzz which comes with the entertainers being around and very often they are able to engage some of our people for promotional and publicity work."

48 Dean Street, London W1D 5BF

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