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Dennis Price

MCS Dennis PriceArchaeologist, writer & performer.

Dennis Price is a classical scholar, an archaeologist and a recognised expert on Stonehenge, while his original writing has been placed alongside work by the late Sir Arthur C. Clarke, the renowned scientist, writer and visionary.

At the same time, Dennis is intimately familiar with the ‘unscientific’ world of ghosts, hauntings, predictions, curses, magic, fortune-telling, the supernatural and the occult, with sometimes terrifying first hand experience of these matters spanning decades.

Dennis is also the author of the groundbreaking and highly-acclaimed book “The Missing Years of Jesus”, a scholarly investigation into the many legends that speak of Christ visiting the West of England as a young man. This idea was suggested in the opening lines of William Blake’s famous song ‘Jerusalem’, where we hear the fascinating question “And did those feet in ancient time, walk upon England’s mountains green?”

Dennis began working on archaeological excavations in the 1970s as a schoolboy. More recently, he spent 4 years with Wessex Archaeology where he worked in a wide variety of roles, from teaching schoolchildren and working in the Media Department to digging in the Stonehenge landscape and being involved with some of the most stunning Stonehenge-related discoveries of modern times, such as those of the King of Stonehenge in 2002, and the Boscombe Bowmen in 2003.

He has written about all this and much else besides on his Eternal Idol website, with the result that his original investigations and studies have been reported in the national press and international media for some years. He has been interviewed on Sky TV, on BBC radio and on independent channels such as ITV, as well as in publications such as Europe’s respected Der Spiegel magazine, Kindred Spirit, the Watkins Review and many others, while he regularly makes presentations and delivers speeches on those mysterious and tantalising subjects with which he is so familiar.

Dennis has corresponded with senior Vatican officials, experts in linguistics, engineers, archaeologists and other authorities, but he is no cloistered academic. In 2007, he became the last archaeologist allowed inside Silbury Hill, Britain’s only pyramid, before it was sealed off forever. During his visit, he became one of the very few people ever to have ventured into the dangerous and claustrophobic tunnels above the shafts opened into the hill by treasure hunters over the centuries, meaning that more people have stood on the surface of the Moon than have ventured where Dennis did.

As a performer, Dennis spent 5 years singing in theatrical rock bands, as well as spending 6 years touring Britain, Europe, Scandinavia and Russia as a knight on a mediaeval jousting tournament. After this, he had a career in front of the cameras, appearing as a character actor alongside Christopher Reeve in The Unpleasant World of Penn and Teller, in two series of the Crystal Maze, the pilot for the follow-up to the Crystal Maze, various rock videos, Between the Lines and numerous Murder Mystery plays.

Perhaps the best summary of his career thus far was composed by Neil Jeffries, a veteran journalist for Classic Rock magazine, who wrote “I’ve met everyone from Alice Cooper to Ozzy Osbourne, but none of them can tell a story like Dennis Price. Strange tales pour out of him like rain from a leaden sky...”

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