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Dale Pinnock

MCS Dale PinnockTrained in both Nutrition and Herbal Medicine.

Dale’s combined experience has led to him working in the way that he does. He wears many hats at once, and delivers the full spectrum of his expertise to his clients in order to facilitate an entire lifestyle change and drastic health shift in all that he works with. Dale runs a private healthcare clinic in rural Cambridgeshire, that focuses treatment upon dietary modification and supplementation, herbal medicine, and lifestyle changes. Aside from clinical practice, Dale is also generating a considerable media presence. He is regularly featured in such publications as Men’s Health, FHM, Loaded, Get Fresh, Healthy, The Daily Mirror, and The Sunday Mirror Celebs Magazine. Dale is also the resident Natural Health expert for BBC Three Counties Radio, and can be heard on the Afternoon Show, every two weeks for a one hour phone-in session.

Dale's particular passion is providing a scientific basis to natural healthcare. He believes that in the modern age this is an absolute necessity and if natural healthcare is to become truly accepted by those in conventional circles, we must adopt a change in the way in which we educate and communicate. It has become one of Dale's missions to bridge the gap between conventional medicine and natural healthcare.


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