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Bobby George

MCS Bobby GeorgeThe most colourful, charismatic and entertaining player in the history of darts.

Bobby literally burst onto the professional darts scene in the late 1970's with a natural flair and ability to enhance his larger-than-life personality. 1979 was to be the year that Bobby George announced that he had arrived as a world-class player, with an incredible victory in the famous News Of The World Championship. There had never been a more impressive victory before or since, as he became the first and only player to win the title without dropping one single leg of darts! His best of 3-leg televised victories from the Quarter-Finals onwards took him just 93 darts in total (an average of 97) to establish him as a true World Champion. Over the years, Bobby has represented England on 26 occasions and remains in the list of all-time Top 10 winning players for England.

It was in 1999 that Bobby took another change in direction by becoming a BBC TV presenter at the Embassy. Such was his success that he has been a much respected studio pundit at every Embassy since then. Today, he co-presents each Embassy with Ray Stubbs (he has also done so with John Inverdale) and is known as the BBC's 'face of darts'.

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