Audio Description

This is a service provided by Sky TV. Similar to subtitles for the deaf or hard of hearing, Audio description is provided for the blind or partially sighted and involves providing descriptions of onscreen activity between the spoken dialogue.

Media Celebrity Services Ltd is proud to be the exclusive providers of talented scripting and voiceover artists to a diverse range of Sky channels for this service.

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Tony Cook

Tony Cook

Tony Cook has been at the forefront of broadcasting for three decades – TV presentation, chat show host, journalist, news reader and anchor of a nightly TV news programme which involved hard and gentle interviews. Twice featured on ITV’s “It’ll Be All Right on the Night” – because his sense of humour and sense of fun exceeded his self-control – but only briefly!

He has also acted in dozens of roles on TV and movies from Ken Loach’s “Price of Coal,” playing the hard-nosed radio reporter to the more-recent “Vanity Fair” as an elder statesman. In “Elizabeth and Albert,” he was a gentleman and in Sky TV’s “Relic Hunter,” he was a bar man who’s checked shirt was in vision more than he. He had a higher visibility in an HTV children’s drama “What the What,” playing a distinguished High Court Judge.

As a journalist as well as an actor, he has produced and presented dozens of corporate videos and as a media training specialist, he has guided many business leaders, politicians and financiers through the hurdles of appearing on TV and radio and being interviewed.

His rich, reassuring voice has kept him busy as a voice-over artiste. In the 1980’s, his was the voice of the Health Education Council’s campaign for safer pregnancies (along with Dr Miriam Stoppard). His is the voice used frequently by the German overseas broadcasting service Deutche Wella and his is the voice that since 2002 (through the MCS Agency) is employed by B Sky B to audio describe movies and TV programmes. He has narrated films like Terry Pratchett’s “The Hogfather” and “The Colour of Magic” (both now out on DVD).

His is the voice describing hundreds of movies including the Harry Potter films.

He has been a breakfast show presenter on radio and a compere on radio, TV and stage. He hosted the prestigious “1930’s Wireless Show,” which in 1975 brought together live for the last time the stars of early BBC radio entertainment such as Jimmy Jewell, Sandy Powell and Ted Ray. It was broadcast on BBC 2.

Tony Cook is character actor, a voice-over specialist, a writer, a journalist and a radio and TV presenter. He has a face and a presence that may suggest he’s done it all – a man who has witnessed hurt, success, happiness and sadness. A man who reflects on it all with sombreness. A man who engenders trust and reliability.

Height: 5ft 9”
Weight: 13st. 6.
Eyes: Blue and sometimes twinkling. Hair: Long, honey-blonde or maybe white with waves and natural curls.
Face: Distinguished, pitted with a lived-in look. Short white beard.
Voice: A rich, velvety dark brown with educated RP English accent. Authoritative or gentle. Lulling or alluring.
Playing age: 55 – 90.
Real age: 63.
Equity member: Yes.

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