Audio Description

This is a service provided by Sky TV. Similar to subtitles for the deaf or hard of hearing, Audio description is provided for the blind or partially sighted and involves providing descriptions of onscreen activity between the spoken dialogue.

Media Celebrity Services Ltd is proud to be the exclusive providers of talented scripting and voiceover artists to a diverse range of Sky channels for this service.

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Penny Parisi

Penelope trained at The Italia Conti Academy for performing arts. Upon gaining her equity card she has gone on to appear in a variety of films, TV and theatre productions including The Manageress, Brush Strokes, EastEnders, The Bill, many Pantomimes, and has also starred as Priscilla Presley in the musical Forever Elvis. Penelope has also appeared in many commercials, cabaret shows and worked as a reporter for BBC Radio Bedfordshire.

     Having studied to become an audio describer at Guildford University Penelope has worked for B Sky B since 2008 describing many Sky One series including Malcolm in the Middle, A Town Called Eureka, and Project Catwalk, sports series NFL and H20 Sports International, Documentaries, So You Think You are Royal and Customs UK and films such as The Golden Compass, Marley and Me, The Reader, Out of Africa and The Time Travellers Wife.

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