Audio Description

This is a service provided by Sky TV. Similar to subtitles for the deaf or hard of hearing, Audio description is provided for the blind or partially sighted and involves providing descriptions of onscreen activity between the spoken dialogue.

Media Celebrity Services Ltd is proud to be the exclusive providers of talented scripting and voiceover artists to a diverse range of Sky channels for this service.

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Sarah Sherborne

Sarah SherborneAs well as her many appearances on TV and in the theatre, Sarah Sherborne is a widely experienced voice-over artist and audio actress.

Soothing, gentle and informative. Sarah has a wraparound voice - soft and comforting. Her clear elegant tones are much in demand for a wide range of work including corporate and documentary narration, audiobook recording and TV and radio advertising.

She also narrated 'Medicine's Strangest Cases' five one hour programmes for Channel 5 and voiced a national TV and radio campaign for Stressless Chairs.

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