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Tony Clarkin

Tony Clarkin is an established Stage, Radio, Television, Film and Voice Over Artist, born in Limerick City, Ireland (1952). The Clarkin family is also in show business, fellow (Media Celebrity Services) client Todd Carty and Tony's grandchildren, James Carty and Thomas Carty. 

A selection of Tony's professional credits speak for themselves in a career spanning over 50 years, he started from the age of 5 onwards across all aspects of Stage, Radio, Television, Films and Voice-Overs. 

From Shakespeare and Modern to commercials and narrations for the likes of "Disney", "Guinness", "John West Salmon", "The Mongolians", "Richard Burton The Explorer", "Ennio Morricone" and such as "Puffs Tissues"(Which impressively won awards and ran for 10 consecutive years on Canadian and USA television.)

Performances range from Bill Sykes in "Oliver!", William Burke in "The Doctor and The Devils", Hamlet in  "Hamlet", Macbeth in  "Macbeth", Thomas Becket in "Murder In The Cathedral", Roat, "Wait Until Dark", Estragon in "Waiting For Godot", Prince in "Romeo and Juliet", Scrooge in "A Christmas Carol", Professor Hurst in "The Artisans Angel",  King Henry 11 in "Becket" to the role of King Henry V111 in "A Man For All Seasons. Tony boasts a hugely versatile talent with which he can meet almost any request made across the industry.

Affectionately known as "Granddad" by Keith and the team at "Media Celebrity Services", Tony proves one of those larger than- life characters who never fails to entertain and lights any room with his array of impressions and amusing stories to tell of experiences in the industry.

Television work includes

"Grange Hill" BBC - 2 Episodes

"The Bill" ITV, 4 Episodes

"Iris in the traffic, Ruby in the rain" BBC,

"Brookside" Channel 4,

"London's Burning" ITV, two Episodes

"Love Hurts" BBC,

"Cyclops" Poseidon Films,

"MC Callum" ITV,

"Global Bears", Poseidon Films

"Werner" International,

"Moonfleet" BBC,

"Visas For Love" Poseidon Films.


Clarkin has performed on stage playing many roles, including

William Burke in "The Doctor and the Devils",

Roat in "Waiting Until Dark",

Professor Hurst in "The Artisans Angel",

Estragon in "Waiting For Godot",

McCann in "Stephen D",

Robert Folliett in "The Shaughraun",

Salerio in "The Merchant of Venice",

Scrooge in "A Christmas Carol",Hamlet in "Hamlet",

Macbeth in "Macbeth",

King Claudius in "Hamlet",

Eilif in "Mother Courage and Her Children",

Thomas Becket in "Murder In The Cathedral",

Prince Escalus in "Romeo and Juliet",

King Henry 11 in Becket",

Mulligan in "Bloomsday",

Red Hugh" in "The Fighting Prince",

Narrator in "Under Milk Wood", 

King Henry V111 in "A Man For All Seasons"

Bill Sykes in "Oliver!".


Radio includes

RADIO " Pendennis"  BBC

" Hamlet" Independent

"Romeo and Juliet"    Independent

"Dracula"   Independent


Film work includes

"Michael Collins" Warner Bros

"First" Disruptive Films

"Shoot To Kill" Zenith Films

"The Perfect Burger" British Youth Film Academy


Narration work includes

"Golf Past Masters Champions", International,

"Gilbert Collection Somerset House" International,

"London Symphony Orchestra-St. Lukes" BBC,

"The Mongolians" International,

"To The Ends of The Earth-Richard Burton the Explorer" BBC,"Epsom Computers", International,

"Life scan Europe", International.

"The Sunday Times" International,

"Fire Escape" International


Voice Over Work includes,

"Puffs Tissues",

"John West Salmon",


"Dolland and Aithison",

"Murphy's Beer",

"Britvic Ame",

"Pilkington K",

"Richmond Sausages",

"Citroen Cars",

"Hampton Court",

"Ennio Morricone",

"William and Mary",


"Boyer's Sausages",

"Jeys New Bloo Fusions"               and many more. 



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