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Kellie McCord

As an energetic and enthusiastic individual, Kellie has a natural zest for life, which inspires those around her. Having just completed Brian Timoney Actors’ Studio training, Kellie is eager to put what she has learnt into practice so that she may continue to develop her craft.

Kellie’s diminutive size allows her to play a myriad of roles, ranging from teenager to young woman. Indeed, Kellie’s life experience will further help her to adopt many diverse roles, as she has done the following: studied English at Nottingham University, worked in a police station, lectured in China, taught in England, led excursions in Devon, and completed conservation work in Nottingham. All of this experience shows that Kellie can go against her innate natural disposition to look vulnerable, and take on authoritative roles.

Kellie is currently working on her show reel to show her diversity in roles including scenes from The Collector and Stitching.

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